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The health of the planet is everyone’s problem, but why
not everyone’s solution? Be the change. There are simple steps we can take to improve our planet’s health…one is to reduce our carbon footprint by not eating meat just one day per week.
Help the Planet…sign our pledge affirming your commitment! This would eliminate 9 million tons of carbon per day if our whole country (U.S.) did this for one month or 144 million tons of carbon reduction if continued for the entire year. To produce a similar carbon reduction
with passenger cars, would take replacing 25 million vehicles with electric vehicles.

Livestock production produces roughly 2/3 of all greenhouse gas emissions globally. An enormous percentage that is not understood or talked about. We can take small steps to reduce this damaging effect on our environment with a 1 day per week routine.

And, it’s easier than ever to reduce meat, with so many tasty replacements sold in grocery stores and even in fast food restaurants.  Also, consumer tests show people can’t tell the difference between plant-based burgers and meat—they look, smell, and taste the same. 

Climate Change Facts

  • Livestock & their food produce 51% of global CO2/yr.
  • Transportation produces 13% of all GGEs
  • Methane=44% of livestock GGEs =86X global warming of CO2

You can help change this scenario by giving up meat/dairy for one day per week. Please sign our pledge to help cut greenhouse gas emissions & reduce your carbon footprint.

A Vegetarian’s carbon foodprint is about 2/3s of the average American and almost 1/2 of a meat lover.  For a Vegan it is even lower.  But perhaps most interestingly, eating chicken instead of beef cuts  1/4 of emissions in one simple step.

An Average American’s diet has a foodprint of around 2.5 tons of CO2 emissions per person each year.  For a Meat Lover this rises to 3.3 t CO2e, for the No Beef diet it is 1.9 t.  t CO2e, for the Vegetarian it’s 1.7 t CO2e and for the Vegan it is 1.5 t CO2e.  Each of these estimates includes emissions from food that is eaten, wasted by consumers and lost in the supply chain. (Source: “Shrink That Footprint”)

Meat Down Pledge - I agree to give up meat and dairy 1 day/week!

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